Having a beautiful, even smile can make you feel great, and do wonders for your self confidence.

Straight teeth also have benefits for your health and the way your teeth work together. By aligning the teeth, the forces exerted on them when you chew, talk or simply move your jaw about are balanced. That means better long term health for your teeth, gums and jawbone. (Straight, even teeth are also much easier to keep clean, which means there’s less chance of cavities and gum disease.)

In the past, patients looking for straight teeth had to opt for a fixed wire brace, often known as ‘train tracks’. Fortunately, due to recent innovations there are now more options for tooth realignment than ever before.

We offer a full range of braces including: Invisalign, Damon Clear and Incognito. Each of them is virtually invisible, but works in a slightly different way, with different benefits. The Invisalign system is removable and very comfortable; the Damon Clear system uses tie-less braces that are very discrete; and the Incognito system uses hidden braces that attach to the backs of your teeth. We’ll talk with you to work out which system is best for you.