Most Played Online Casino Games

Slots game are fundamentally harder to master than other games and offer decent returns if you know how to play them correctly. They are the casino games that require the most skill and have the biggest potential for big winnings. They have been estimated to make over $15,000,000 each year.

While playing slots you can excerpt little amounts of information from each spin, these being the result of the spins to date, although you may want to avoid this as the odds are highly against you, each spin is independently verified to check the results. Apart from the big wins a player can have, there are quite a lot of smaller payouts.

The highest paying game that is played in most online casinos is the Jackpot / Lucky Chances. This is theversion of the regular slot games. In this game the player is dealt with a choice of 3 or 5 numbers and they have to match they’ve selected before the final spin. If a player selects the same numbers as the payouts indicate, they win the jackpot. But if the numbers are selected in the first and second category, the payouts are reduced (-3) to (-2.5).

After the player has selected their numbers, the game is played in 5 equal spins.

  • The probability of a number being selected is 1 in 37. While playing this game there is a red / black card as well as a choice of odds / evens, numbered / unnumbered slot machines. The game is wagered in the form of bet / payouts. The game of roulette is played the other way round, the result of the first spin is blocked and in the second spin the result is verified, there is no red / black card and the odds / evens are 1 in 37.
  • Slot machines are too tricky to categorize, because they vary from machine to machine and also because the role of each differs. While playing video slot machines there are 3 or 5 reels that spin when the lever is pulled and only one credit is paid out. The machine has a currency detector that validates the coins inserted for play. The machine has a display screen that shows the winning combination and credits. There are various slot machines that have multiple payouts , but the jackpot is the same.
  • Online slot machines fall under three main categories, that is, no download versions, download versions which have to be downloaded into the computer. The no download versions have better graphics and sound and run faster than the downloaded versions. However, the downloaded versions have the better graphics and sound and run faster. Read the directions on the slot machines page before playing to ensure you know all the rules.
  • The third main category of slot machines is the digital versions which are linked together online and can be played from any computer that has internet access. These digital versions have the same rules as the online slot machines but do not have the wonderful animation or rich sounds that you would expect from such a machine. They still spin like the real ones, although not quite as many of them as you would expect.

Once you have read the conditions on the slot machines page, click the run button to see the results.

If you have won any credits, see the credits pay table and the payable credits section. Some machines allow multiple hits without adding any money to your balance books, other have a maximum number of hits before giving you more credits. Look at the number of spins allowed to maximize your bankroll.

When you have finished playing, see how the online payouts work. Some have a bar at the top of the screen to show how much you have won. Look at the payout instructions on the machine to see what the online payouts are. The one thing you need to know is that the casinos can change the payout instructions at any time and for any reason.

See the credits that you have accumulated to see if you have reached the monthly limit. There are times when you have earned too much and your balance has grown to a point that you simply cannot lose any more.

Due to the way online slots tournaments work, most players will play almost to the end, hoping to win the tournament and be paid out. As a result, if you have accumulated too much credits for the tournament, you will find yourself “busting” and not able to cash.

Be aware that most online casinos tournaments have required bets. You will often see 20, 30 or even 50 credits rolled over during the tournament.