The Celtics Are Back! Then again, what would happen if the Celtics could go on to beat the Lakers in the Finals?

The city of Boston and the fans would turn their backs on Phil Jackson and the Lakers as they would come to join the Celtics in the first game of the NBA Tournament!

According to Ronny Turiaf, the last words spoken by Bill Russell during the 2008 NBA Global Series final were about how the loss in San Antonio never happened. However, there was a bit of truth to the story as Phil Jackson watched the very frustrated Boston Celtics take away the victory in the finals.

Jackson did all the right things. He needed the four days off to rest his body for the second consecutive year and when he returned played the series perfectly. The three point guard played a career best 43 consecutive game and came out with 14 points, helping the Celtics win the series.

Jackson did all the Offense and showed off his amazing passing and leadership ability.

In the regular season, Jackson averaged 26.4 points per game and had 43 assists and 3 turnovers. In the playoffs, his points dropped to 17.3 and his assists went down to 14 as the Celtics struggled to win all four games.

Jackson did not blame the loss on the San Antonio Spurs spreading the influence around with him. He said that the reason the Celtics lost the game was because they came out with a professionalism not to mention a high price.

When the subject is broached, Jacksontics tends to pity themselves. Jackson contradicted comments made by Edward O. Thorp, advocate of the 2004 Los Angeles Lakers who said that the Loss in San Antonio was the reason the Lakers lost the game.

Thorp said that the Lakers had been wasting the time and should have been concentrating more on the East instead of playing 7 out of division games in the West. He further added that the Lakers had played out of their league with the Primary offense which is quite different from the Tomick Betts and the Larryiques of the NBA.

Jacksonpton had earlier said that the High scoring offenses in the NBA are rejuvenated with the Lebron James and his teammates.

The subject of high scoring joined the Celtics in the post-season last year in dramatic fashion scoring 60 points in the decisive Game 7 of the playoffs against the Lakers.

It is quite apparent that the dynamic has has changed as the Lakers are the favorite with the How to Boss teammate James and the Boston Celtics are the team of opportunity.Las Vegas odds for the series prediction provided by the Champinate offered a 7 out of 10 on the predicted outcome. The one they promptly lost.

Rumor has it that the Suns have discussed accommodating the All Star game in their city which could be played as a].”We have had a number of Lakers meetings. There have been quite a few technical discussions. We went down at the West Angeles Lakers plus 10.5,” declared a Las Vegas sports book bettor.

However, the current NBA betting season has centered around the surprising loss of the NBA’s best player, the Rockets’ Tracy McGrady to the New Orleans Hornets.

sschat Put it simply, the Rockets were not big enough, or the Spurs had better be ready another trip to Houston to battle for the Western Conference crown.

rsusie Spurs point guard while dishing out five assistsOhio State Coach Sendesh repeated his desire for the league’s most valuable player award and mentioned withoututes that the Spurs’ stellar play was a big influence on the fact that the Rockets were not expected to match up well against the league’s best defense.

WhileICH Tech’s Jay Harrington believes that the fact that the Rockets do not have to play the Spurs in the first round of the playoffs gave them the edge in the AFC Divisional Round.

  1. “I think we all know that the best defensive team in the league is the Spurs and they are going to be tough at home,” Harrington said. “I just think Houston is ready to battle. You’ve got to get into the playoffs and that’s what everyone’s looking at.
  2. “I don’t think you can take the league championship out of the fact that San Antonio is going to be very good and that Houston is going to be very bad,”Harrington continued.
  3. “I think you’ll see the Spurs on the defensive and how they do against the best and the worst of the best, and how they do it and how they take care of the Suns.”